Sunny Boom Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough for Sunny Boom physics puzzle flash game.

Video contains solutions for first 16 levels (from 1 to 16).

Video contains solutions for the rest of 9 levels (from 17 to 25).

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  • Sunny Boom

    Sunny Boom Sunny Boom is the physics-based puzzle game with nice graphics. Your main task is to drop down the Sun to the exit area using various items (e.g. wooden boards, wheels, bombs, springboards etc) and let come starry night.

  • Moony Boom

    Moony Boom New adventure of the two friends Moon and Sun in the online physics puzzle game Moony Boom. Use springboards, wheels, bombs and other objects to help Moon to get the exit.

  • Screw the Nut

    Screw the Nut Screw the Nut is the physics-based puzzle game where you task is to roll the nut near to the bolt.

  • Scarlet Horizon

    Scarlet Horizon Scarlet Horizon is the physics flash game where your goal is to destroy 25 enemy cities by using different types of bomb and planes.

  • Pill Cannon

    Pill Cannon Pill Cannon is an action-puzzle game where you play as a robot. You are to feed suicidal people with the anti-depression pills in order to save them. Keep them all happy to proceed in the adventure and save thousands of humans.

  • Little Furry Things World

    Little Furry Things World Help the Furry to find his lost mischievous kids and return them to home. You need look for 5 babies on each of 16 levels to complete this funny platformer game.

  • Fly Away Rabbit 2

    Fly Away Rabbit 2 Second part of the Fly Away Rabbit game with new 48 puzzle levels. Use physics and remove blocks to get little Rabbit to the clouds.

  • Luna

    Luna Very relaxing game in which you must pass eye-candy colored balls to the matching portals by controlling gravity direction.

  • Flower Flyer

    Flower Flyer Play this puzzle Flower Flyer game in all 24 fun filled levels. Collect all flowers on each level using their special ability.

  • Mooo

    Mooo Get the cow to the bottle and fill it with milk in this block removal physics platformer game. 20 puzzle levels, bombs, elevators and many fun!